Jul 1, 2015,

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May package tourists decrease 1.1 pct to 688,000Fewer come from mainland, Hong Kong or Taiwan, but more South Koreans visit
Macau eases rules for mainlanders passing throughTravellers in transit now allowed to linger for seven days instead of five
Average price of housing drops 12.6 pct in MayFewer homes are sold as market cools, most noticeably on Coloane and Taipa
Casinos giving more weight to promotion, bank saysDeutsche Bank infers one-tenth of Q1 mass-market takings spent on promotion
Traditional medicine park due to open in 2017H1Operator says investors have put RMB2.3 bln into the Macau-backed project


Govt to table catch-all anti-smoking billMeasure may harm economy, but public health takes priority, official says

Inside Macau Business

Curb crawling The government has no room for hesitation in curbing the growth in the number of cars despite the bumpy road ahead

Nuts & Bolts Regardless of rising production costs, lack of land and labour shortages, the manufacturing industry can be up for reset if the governm

The Leviathan slumbers still The new ferry terminal is slated for completion by the end of 2015, but it will be a poor quality building, insiders tell Macau Busines

Managing the future With a looming mid-term review of the gaming industry, casino operators have stepped up their game to train staff

Long-awaited move The concept of launching an investment development fund wins the hearts of many - as long as the government heeds public opinion. Altho

Entrepreneurial spirit rules O.K. Since the government launched the Young Entrepreneurs Aid Scheme, a number of cafes, boutiques, gift shops and other enterprises have s

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