Macau | 78-year old local man charged with sexual harassment of minors

The Judiciary Policy has arrested a 78-year-old man for suspected sexual harassment of two minors

Macau (MNA) – The Judiciary Policy (PJ) has arrested a 78-year-old man for suspected sexual harassment. The victims aged  8 and 9 sisters, respectively, both Macau residents.

According to the police, the suspect taught the victim sisters musical and drawing lessons. Since this April, he requested them to sit on his thigh and fondled the sisters’ somewhere near vaginal when the classroom was empty.

The PJ believed that the minors were afraid enough to tell until their mother concerned about proactively.

They were accompanied by their mother to the police station. The suspected man has denied any accusation and claimed that “he made body contact with the pupils only because of the students’ inappropriate practice poses”.

After an investigation, the PJ had charged him for the crime of sexual harassment and sent the case to the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

By Tina Chao