Angola: Police investigating 80 possible major crimes

Inocência Pinto, the head of Angola's National Department for the Prevention and Combat of Corruption (DNPCC), said on Thursday the country was conducting around 80 investigations into corruption, money-laundering and other economic and financial crimes

Luanda, Dec. 6 (Lusa) – Pinto told reporters during the launch of the country’s strategic plan for the prevention and fight against corruption that the DNPP’s investigations are sent to the National Direction of Prevention and Penal Action, which takes the cases to court.

Since it was created in 2012, the DNPP has handled 77 investigations, the highest number of which were in the first half of this year.

Money laundering is the most common crime, followed by embezzlement.

President João Lourenço came into office last September, putting an end to almost four decades of José Eduardo Dos Santos’ repressive rule, and pledged to revive the economy and tackle corruption, as well as increasing civil liberties