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Bad apples

Three police officers were arrested, allegedly in possession of HKD390,000 in bribes for assisting non-residents looking to enter the city. The Secretary for Security says it will “immediately” send specific instructions to the Judiciary Police and the PSP to increase its oversight and internal investigation efforts

The Office of the Secretary for Security stated yesterday in a release that it “lamented” the occurrence of another case of criminal association and abuse of power by police authorities. It stated it had “immediately” sent specific instructions to the Judiciary Police (PJ) and the Public Security Police Force (PSP) to improve oversight efforts.
The release referred to three Macau police officers who were arrested in Cotai on May 13, together with eight other suspects, for allegedly accepting bribes from non-residents looking to enter the city, the PJ told Business Daily.
A total of HKD700,000 (US$89,894) in cash was seized from four of the suspects, together with an amount of illegal drugs with an estimated value of MOP67,000 (US$8,353), the response informed.
In a report by local broadcaster TDM, it was stated that the remaining nine suspects arrested were from Mainland China and Taiwan, with the drugs and cash having being found in the hotel rooms where the suspects were staying.
The name of the hotel where the arrests took place wasn’t divulged by the PJ to Business Daily.
According to the information provided by the department, the arrested police officers had been under investigation since June of last year, and are now suspected of having provided forged immigration records at least 53 times.
The three officers were also suspected of having arranged cars for people staying in the city illegally to exit the city on at least six occasions, and of disclosing confidential personal immigration data at least five times.
The amount charged by the suspects for providing help to the non-residents was allegedly between HKD60,000 and HKD100,000, with officers seizing alleged bribe money worth HKD390,000 from the three on the day of the arrest.
The Office of the Secretary for Security, Wong Sio Chak, also stated that the Commander of the PSP had been informed to immediately initiate disciplinary procedures against the arrested officers and to commence a thorough internal investigation to resolve any discipline issues.

PSP abuse rising
Last month, the Security Forces Disciplinary Committee (CFD) revealed that a total of 70 complaints regarding the city’s security departments had been received by the department in 2016, relating to abuse of power and misconduct.
The report revealed a 63 per cent year-on-year increase in the number of complaints against the PSP, for a total of 64 complaints, with the remaining six complaints being against PJ officers.
When questioned by Business Daily as to the reasons for the considerable increase in complaints, the PSP stated it was due to the system for residents filing complaints having been extended, while the ‘transparency’ of the department’s procedures had also been improved.
‘However this [Police] Corp. will have to improve continuously its performance in serving the public,’ said the response sent to Business Daily.