Macau | Evacuation procedures and information provided to non-residents during typhoons to be improved - Secretary for Security
| 07:45pm
EU lays out WTO reform ideas to rein in U.S., China
| 07:40pm
Macau | Inspection of historical sites show no serious typhoon damage - Cultural Affairs Bureau
| 07:19pm
Chinese paper says Vatican may send delegation to China soon
| 07:10pm
Macau | Basic infrastructure, implementation of flood-gates in low-rise areas and personnel training to be improved for typhoon prevention - CE
| 06:49pm
Russia warns Israel of 'response' to plane downing
| 06:44pm
Hong Kong to allow dependent visa for same-sex couples after landmark ruling
| 06:23pm
EU targets BMW, Daimler, VW in pollution cartel probe
| 05:49pm
Macau | Gov't striving to repair sinkhole near Sai Van Bridge by next week
| 05:27pm
U.S. sanctions cannot cut Iran's oil sales to zero - Iran adviser
| 05:16pm