Macau | Updated: Chief Executive Electoral Affairs Committee members appointed

The five members of the Macau Chief Executive Electoral Affairs Committee have been appointed today

Macau (MNA) – The members of the Macau Chief Executive (CE) Electoral Affairs Committee have been revealed on Monday through an Official Gazette release.

This committee is responsible for overseeing the Chief Executive elections to be held by the Electoral Committee members, being responsible for defining the place and the opening hours of the electoral act; to provide clarification on matters relating to the election of members of the Electoral Committee; to supervise and ensure the conduct of electoral activities in accordance with the law; or to evaluate the suitability of candidates to CE.

Nominated by recommendation of the Independent Committee for the Indigitation of Judges, the five members of the committee are namely: Court of Final Instance Judge Song Man Lei; Public Prosecutions-office Assistant Prosecutor, Chan Tsz King; Court of Second Instance Judge, Tong Hio Fong; Public Administration and Civil Service Bureau Director Kou Peng Kuan; and the Director of Government Information Bureau Victor Chan Chi Ping.

Elected in 2009, the two five-year terms of CE Fernando Chui Sai On end this year, with the new CE to be elected by an 400-strong Electoral Committee.

Elections for the Chief Executive’s Electoral Committee are scheduled for June 16.

As the Electoral Law stipulates that there must be a minimum period of 60 days between the election of the Electoral Committee and the choice of the leader of the Macau government, this means that the next CE will be elected on a date to be defined on the second half of August.