Clear Vision

The new CX-5 is proof that Mazda has a very clear idea about how to design the brand’s future

By: Guilherme Marques

At a time in which the car industry has been forced to re-invent itself, it’s only natural that different brands will opt for different routes. The future will tell who took the best decisions.

Mazda has delayed what others seem to have as the only possible solution in this period of transition: the adoption of hybrid propulsion systems. Why? Because, as the Japanese brand says, there is still a lot to explore in terms of the internal combustion engine, as long as you know where to place your bet.

The new generation of Skyactiv-X motors, which will arrive in 2019, represent the biggest technological step in internal combustion engines in the past two decades. Mazda managed to implement a technology which many brands had already tried out but had failed in the process.

Fundamentally, the Skyactiv- X motors will have a high compression rate, making them more efficient and leading to better performance. In one way or another, this is the key for the future.

The technological prowess Mazda has developed has been accompanied by a fantastic aesthetic evolution, based on a catalogue of products that are increasingly more appealing, as was proven by the success of the most recent MX-5 and the smaller SUV of the range, the CX-3.

The new CX-5 is the brand’s catalogue latest addition. After having sold 1.5 million units of the first generation during a period of six years, the new Mazda is even better. Much better. Harmonious proportions, inspired details and very, very seductive lines that make this one of the most inviting SUVs today. With the right size to offer all the space a family needs, it doesn’t exaggerate in its dimensions to the point of hindering its daily use in the city.

Everything in the experience of driving the CX-5 transpires a sensation of surprising quality, from the precision of the 5-speed manual gearbox, to the excellent ride quality thanks to its advanced suspension geometry and the fabulous diesel motor of 2.2 litres and 150 horsepower, the European market’s best seller.

Dynamically, this is an SUV that emphasises the sporty characteristics of these kind of vehicles, so it is always a pleasure to take the CX-5 out of the garage, be it for mundane reasons or simply to enjoy its driving experience.

The passenger compartment stands out due to its great installation, its space and the simplicity of its controls. Everything in the CX-5 makes sense. Before the arrival of the new generation Skyactiv-X, the Mazda is already in the forefront of the industry. The future can only smile to it.