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Counting the units

The number of hotel rooms under construction fell 41 pct y-o-y in Q4 of last year, with 49 hotels being planned or under construction. New rooms will occupy nearly 1 mln square metres, with the majority of new projects on the peninsula. Some 100 building projects were also completed or under construction in Q4, providing 11,267 more housing units, 60 pct of which are under 75 square metres in size.

The 49 hotels being built or in the planning phase during the last quarter of 2016 will add 14,146 rooms and 9,126 parking spaces for cars and motorcycles to the territory, according to data from the Bureau of Land, Public Works and Transport (DSSOPT).
In total, the rooms represented by the 49 projects will occupy a gross floor area of almost 1 million square metres, while the area occupied by the planned parking spaces represents 389,805 square metres.
The DSSOPT revealed that in the last three months of 2016, a total of 17 hotels were being constructed, offering an estimated 6,369 rooms and 4,307 parking spaces.
The majority of the new projects were being constructed on the Macau Peninsula, where 11 hotels in the construction phase will add 1,324 rooms to the city’s supply upon completion.
Meanwhile six hotels being constructed in Taipa, Coloane and Cotai, are expected to add more 5,045 new rooms, the majority of which will be created in the Cotai area.
The last quarter of 2016 also saw a total of 32 hotels at the project phase, expected to add a total of 7,777 rooms and 4,819 parking spaces, upon completion.
Of the hotels being planned, 26 will be located on the Macau Peninsula, providing an extra 2,552 rooms, while four are being planned in Cotai, for an added 4,642 rooms. Only two hotels were being planned for Taipa and Coloane, to add 583 rooms to the supply.
In the last quarter of 2016, the number of hotel rooms under construction decreased by 40.7 per cent year-on-year or by 4,369 rooms from the same quarter in the previous year, while the number of rooms in the planning phase went down by 12.4 per cent quarter-to-quarter, seeing a 1,105-room reduction.

100 more housing units
DSSOPT data also revealed that three housing projects were granted licences in the last quarter of 2016, giving Macau 100 more residential units and 94 more parking spaces for cars and motorcycles.
In the same period, a total of 100 projects were completed or under construction, estimated to provide the city with another 11,267 housing units – with 60 per cent of the total being units sized 75 square metres or less – and 10,336 parking spots.
The majority of the projects under construction or already completed were located on the Macau Peninsula, where 86 projects will provide 8,324 housing units.
Some 206 building projects in the planning phase in the last quarter of 2016 will result in 21,693 housing units, plus 26,911 parking spaces for cars and motorcycles. Of these housing units, 10,544 will be constructed on the Macau Peninsula, 7,800 in Taipa and 3,349 in Coloane.