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Crowded Peninsula

Coloane housing units tend to be small or large, with no inbetween, while those on the Peninsula are more numerous but smaller. Taipa housing units in planning were mostly T3

Private housing units in the pipeline during the first quarter of the year hit 22,063 units, a 7.7 per cent uptick in the apartment units still at the project stage, according to the most recent data from the Transport and Public Works Bureau (DSSOPT).
Meanwhile, the number of building units that obtained their licences during the first semester of this year rocketed to 513, a 304 per cent year-on-year increase. The units were divided between nine separate building projects, with the buildings in the project phase totalling 208.
Buildings currently under construction or finished but not yet licensed amounted to 96, with a total of 11,531 units available, according to the data.

The Macau Peninsula continued to be the development hub of the MSAR, with 7,423 units currently under construction in the first semester. These were primarily concentrated in units smaller than 75 square metres, making up 85 per cent of the units under construction, at 5,976. According to classification type, 85 per cent of the units under construction were T2 (two bedroom) or smaller, while only 15 per cent were classified as T3 or over.
Of the competed units on the Peninsula during the first quarter, 95 per cent were classified as T2 or less, with 79.7 per cent of the units smaller than 75 square metres. No units over 150 square metres were completed during the quarter. Units with a licence for usage on the Peninsula reached 512 during the quarter, with 87 per cent of the units T2 or smaller.
During the same period a total of 182 parking spaces for light vehicles and 164 spaces for motorcycles were finished, with 317 light vehicle and 205 motorcycle parking bays licensed for use in the first quarter on the Peninsula. A further 13,015 parking spaces for light vehicles and 4,652 spaces for motorcycles were at the planning or construction stage in the period.

Taipa and Coloane
Taipa continued to be predominantly planned for larger apartment units in the first quarter, with 57.3 per cent of the units at the planning stage classified as T3 or larger, while 66 per cent of the units planned at between 75 and 150 square metres.
There were no finished units with licences for use in Taipa in the first quarter, while one housing project with 125 units was finished but not licensed, with all of its units T2 or smaller and under 75 square metres.
Coloane had a further 3,520 housing units at the planning stage during the period in question, with 51.4 per cent of the units larger than 150 square metres, and 53 per cent classified as T3 or larger. Only 516 units, or 14.7 per cent, were between 75 and 150 square metres in size, while 33.9 per cent were smaller than 75 square metres.
One building was licensed for use in the first semester in Coloane, with a total of one unit, classified as a T2, while one was completed but not yet licensed and larger than 150 square metres.
In total for the two islands, zero parking spaces were completed and licensed during the period, while just 19 parking spaces for light vehicles and six for motorcycles were completed, all in Taipa. Those under construction totalled 1,891 for light vehicles in Taipa and 987 in Coloane, with 448 for motorcycles in Taipa and 355 in Coloane.
Light vehicle parking under planning during the period amounted to 12,319 spaces, with 61 per cent located in Taipa. Motorcycle units totalled 3,146 on both islands, with 50.9 per cent in Coloane.