Easier and safer to land | 30 doubts for 2019

Macau International Airport promises more safety, even under adverse weather conditions, starting in 2019, thanks to new landing procedures.

Macau Airport Company (CAM) has been testing a new satellite navigation technology, Required Navigation Performance – Authorisation Required (RNP AR), in which aircraft have to follow a precise path and is usually used in spaces air congested or with a complicated relief. 

CAM said the tests had returned many positive results: ‘The validation aircraft was under full radar coverage during the whole process in the air, the flight track was accurate, the pilot easily followed the procedure and controlled the aircraft, and the flight banking angle was much less than that of the designed specification. There was no terrain warning or alerts. The fly-ability of the designed procedures was very high and completely met design objectives.’ 

CAM submitted the whole package of the RNP AR Procedures to Macau Civil Aviation Authority for approval. On its official website, CAM reported that ‘the effective date for such procedure is estimated at the beginning of next year.’ 

‘We believe that with the official use of the Runway 16 Public RNP AR Procedure at the airport, the operating weather minimum for Runway 16 will be reduced by half, greatly improving operating efficiency for Runway 16. Meanwhile, the related missed approaches from Runway 16 will be reduced by more than 90%, while the flight safety level will also be further improved,’ pledged the company.