Authorities regulating the border crossing on the Zhuhai side have revelaed that the co-operation plan for the clearance system between the MSAR and the neighbouring city will soon be rolled out, according to Chinese language news outlet Ta Kung Pao.
The new clearance system will allow local residents to only need use a Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macau Residents to cross the Chinese border, in addition to their BIRs to cross the Macau section of the border. Residents could use only their BIR to return to Macau.
Chinese tourists will be able to go through the special self-service border crossing system after they have queued, using their ID Card to cross both Macau and Zhuhai borders.
The co-operative clearance system will also be launched at the border of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge once opened later this year, as well as the new cross-border link of the passageway between Macau and Guangdong.
Regarding the sharing of personal information between border authorities of the MSAR and the Mainland, as well as concerns about technological safety, the Zhuhai border authorities stated that they have already resolved the related requirements.
Chinese authorities also emphasised that the independent inspection systems of each authority at the borders will still be present.
In addition, border authorities revealed that departments of both regions are currently implementing the common framework for x-ray inspections for light vehicles at the Hengqin border, indicating that the framework would also be implemented at the Gongbei border.