Markets mostly rise as Beijing and Washington avert trade war
| 08:46pm
Macau | Mainland man accuses nephew of robbing him of HK$870,000
| 08:28pm
Macau | Local police busts Kath shipment for its first time in history
| 08:14pm
Beijing denies 'militarisation' of South China Sea
| 08:00pm
Macau | Portuguese national amongst illegal workers nabbed by police
| 07:22pm
Macau | Marine authorities to give out some MOP450,000 for fishermen to provide leisure boat tours
| 06:53pm
China's powerful new vice president to visit Russia, Belarus
| 06:44pm
Italy's populist parties to name future premier pick
| 06:42pm
Taiwan pleads for access to key WHO meeting
| 06:16pm
Macau | Completion of Macau-Zhuhai catastrophe prevention works expected in June
| 05:38pm

Essential Macau Feb | Continuous Celebrations

As the city prepares to celebrate the incoming Year of the Dog, there is no better time to visit the city.

Continuous celebrations

Welcome to the latest issue of Essential Macau – We wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

As the city prepares to celebrate the incoming Year of the Dog, there is no better time to visit the city. In preparation for the festivities, the streets and squares are adorned with brightly coloured decorations and the air is abuzz with excitement. A good look is always an auspicious start to the year so a special gift for the family is needed. For those devoid of inspiration, Essential Macau presents the best luxury brands to turn to for that special Chinese New Year collection. The cornerstone of the festivities, food is important to Chinese New Year. Chef Chin Kam Wa, a master chef of Chinese cuisine, has designed a special menu with an array of delicious dishes. For more dining options, there is no better place than the gourmet paradise of the properties under the wing of Galaxy Macau Entertainment.

As well as the Chinese New Year celebrations, during these two months global sitar sensation Anoushka Shankar steps onto the local stage for an evening of exotic performance and musical skills. In addition, world famous photographer Alex Prager showcases her fabulous works in the neighbouring city of Hong Kong.

Finally, in this issue you can also find features about the elites who make big contributions to Macau fashion. Nuno M. Lopes de Oliveira, the first local fashion designer to showcase his collection in London Fashion Week, shares the story behind the runway glitz and the experience of chasing his dream in a foreign country.

And just in town, Sartor Lab, a tailoring shop founded by Kade Chou and Victor Choi, commit to promoting a gentlemen’s lifestyle to local people with their haute couture suit-making service and a potpourri of high quality products.

We hope you enjoy your visit to Macau – and Kung Hei Fat Choi!