Essential Macau | Let’s go to Korea and visit the latest attractions

Every season you visit Korea you will find different fun.

Every season you visit Korea you will find different fun.
For tourists who visit Korea for the first time, Seoul is no doubt the best choice.
Recently, a brand-new Seoul Botanic opened to the public. It is the first botanical garden in the Seoul metropolitan area. The park comprises an open forest, a theme garden, a lake park and a marsh eco park. It’s very convenient to arrive there by Korea Train Express. Enjoy free admission before May 2019 to take some beautiful pictures and to feel refreshed at the Botanic Park.

Hongdae is another must-visit area in Seoul. There are always new trendy, chic
cafes or delicious restaurants here. There are two new awesome places that are very worthy visiting. Harry Potter fans must be crazy when they see the 9¾ King Cross café.

The four-story café recreates the world of wizards. HP fans can put on Hogwarts school uniform, pick up their wand and jump into the magic world at the 9¾ King Cross.

For whoever wants to experience the traditional life of Korea, Joseon Generation
Bar, which sits like a Korean folk village is the place they are looking for.

It is a bar for people to drink Korean rice wine or So-beer (rice wine mix beer). Some signature Korean dishes such as Kimchi soup, Spicy Chicken soup and Korean style fried chicken can also be found here.

If you are already very familiar with Seoul, why not visit the Juju Island this time. Whenever you visit Jeju, whatever the season, the island’s nature is always
awesome. In winter season, there are frozen wonderland in Jeju everywhere, for example Cheon-Wangsa, Eco Land, Hallasan Mountain and Camellia Hill. Also, Citrus picking experience program and the orange colorful photo zone in Sinpung Sincheon Ranch are both popular winter activities.
One more tip, during January and February, is the grand sale period in Korea. A
variety of benefits and discounts ranging from shopping to transportation,
entertainment, beauty and health, food and more will be offered to all travelling


*Editor-in-Chief of Essential Macau

Photo credit: Korea Tourism organization