Essential Macau | Louis Vuiton high-tech rolling Luggage

Louis Vuitton continues its partnership with the Australian designer Marc Newson with the second phase of the Horizon luggage collection that now features an innovative collection of soft-structure trolleys

The creation of this second range of travel bags which was designed for the modern traveller is explained by the designer himself: “After launching the previous line which is characterised by its rigid structure came the idea of creating a second version with more flexible characteristics. For this, new technology needed to be developed and adapted.  It  had to be something truly innovative and convincing to justify moving forward with the second phase of the project. In principle, something technological. It ended up by not exactly being technology but rather a technique that I discovered from other projects that I had created.

In actual fact, it is a high-tech material, a double-sided jacquard bag with a mesh matrix shell created from a technical heat-cast thread which is extremely elastic and durable and which was used to create the material that this range is made from, together with Newson’s take on the Paris designer’s famous monogram.

This seamless bag, after receiving a water-repellent treatment, was heat-molded so as to get the three-dimensional form envisioned by the designer.  Continuing in the same innovative vein, the cuts for the pockets and zip closures were done by using ultra-sound while the stitching was reduced by around 95% thanks to the use of a heat adhesive system.

And since weight and capacity are two fundamental factors when travelling today, these were scrutinised particularly carefully by Marc Newson who sought to reconcile the minimum weight with maximum elasticity and durability and for this the cabin bag could not weigh more than 2.9 kg.

As was the case with the Horizon line which Newson also designed for Louis Vuitton, the extendible anodised aluminium handles too were placed on the exterior part of the bag following the contour without causing those common and irritatingly invasive shapes that deform and take up the space inside.    Another particular feature of this collection of travel bags and one which shows the ingenious skill of both the designer and the brand, has to do with the fact that all parts have been specifically designed to include the original three-digit lock fitted in the ziper and the two wheels designed to be as silent as possible.

Marc Newson, who considers this project to be disruptive simply because no one had ever created bags like these, gives himself as an example of a frequent flyer who, like many others due to their enormous experience, knows exactly what his needs are in this field.

The collection, divided into three types of bags, a rectangular-shaped duffle style in a range of colours from showy bright yellow and orange to more discreet brown or black, arrives at the brand’s boutiques at the start of 2019.