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As a member of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in the field of Gastronomy, Macau is undoubtedly a foodie’s paradise. For tourists visiting the region for the first time, the restaurants with a “Q” logo are the smartest choices

In order to recognise all restaurants and eateries for providing quality service, Macau’s Government Tourism Office devised the QTSAS — Quality Tourism Services Accreditation Scheme. Merchants who pass the accreditation process receive a Star Merchant Award, and can compete for a Service Star Award. The winner of the latter accolade receives a trophy and a cash prize of MOP10,000 as a token of appreciation.

All candidates are classified in four different categories: Deluxe Restaurant, First Class Restaurant, Second Class Restaurant and Food and Beverage Establishments.

In 2018, three restaurants, Casa Don Alfonso, Terrazza Italian Restaurant and EDO Japanese Restaurant (Hotel Lisboa), were awarded the Service Star Award amongst over 300 merchants.

The full restaurant list can be found at MGTO’s official website.

EDO Japanese Restaurant (Hotel Lisboa)

At the QTSAS Award Ceremony, five EDO Japanese restaurants received the  Star Merchant Award, and the branch at Hotel Lisboa won the biggest prize, Service Star Award in the Food and Beverage Establishments section.

EDO Japanese Restaurant was founded in 1992 in Hotel Lisboa, and is the oldest high-end Japanese restaurant in Macau. Luxuriously adorned in gold and black, EDO’s interior embraces a classic Japanese style with Western accents.

The professional-procurement team selects the finest and seasonal produce from Japan, including A5 BMS12 Hida Beef, perfect for Teppanyaki, fresh kinki fish, sweet hairy crab and more. With the mastered skill of the talented chefs, the signatures dishes here, such as the Deluxe Assorted Sushi, fried live whelk with butter, grilled king prawn with sea urchin sauce, and grilled cod fish in bean sauce, attract countless returning customers. It’s a wonderful treat to enjoy the delicious food accompanied by this nice environment and thoughtful service.

Casa Don Alfonso

Italian restaurant Casa Don Alfonso at Hotel Grand Lisboa took the Service Star Award in the Deluxe Restaurant category.

Casa Don Alfonso only provides the true and authentic essence of Italian cuisine, such as seafood casserole and spaghetti. One of the highlights is the signature delicacy of southern Italy — Neapolitan pizza. Different from other pizzas out there, the authentic Neapolitan pizza is prepared with simple and fresh ingredients and no fancy toppings. One of its defining characteristics is that there is often more sauce than cheese, leaving the middle of the pie wet or soggy and not conducive to being served by the slice.

To ensure the quality of pizzas, Casa Don Alfonso specially invited pizzaiolo chef Maurizio Ferrini, from Naples, and the generations of ancient tradition in the electric Izzo Scugnizzo Napoletano oven that makes their pizzas what they are, a tantalising treat.

“We are very glad and grateful to the QTSAS for appreciating our work. This award is not only an honour for us but also an appraisal that motivate us to work harder and be better in future days. We think this award ceremony does not only encourage us but also all the large and small restaurants in Macau to give better and standard service to the customers,” Casa Don Alfonso’s team said. “It will definitely have positive effect on the Macau tourism sector. This kind of award ceremony is also playing a vital role in promoting the region and its restaurants on the international market.”

Terrazza Italian Restaurant

The Service Star Award from First Class Restaurants goes to Terrazza Italian Restaurant, at Galaxy Macau.

Here, diners can enjoy a choice of authentic Italian cuisine with an unassuming and family-style dining experience. The elegant interior design with the highest-quality furniture adds to a sense of luxury, with widely spaced tables allowing for privacy.

Ingredients are selected with care and passion, prepared using expert cooking techniques to bring out the finest traits of every component in every dish. With executive chef Andrea Fioravanti’s uniquely Italian style of cuisine, guests can be assured of a homey and authentic meal, which is exquisite yet down-to-earth, and ideal for sharing.

“When Terrazza win the Service Standard Award we feel very happy and grateful for the hard working during 2018. BOH & FOH made a good combination and a perfect married. This is all fruit of the good and healthy team work and maintains the service standards with an excellent quality and freshness of all products is cooking in Kitchen by Chef Andrea and team.” Terrazza’s team said.

“The service Standards in Terrazza is casual to make the guests filling like in home relax and delight food without stress consistency and choosing the right ingredients in market to cooking and satisfying our customers and communicate every meal. We love create special moments to our customers every time to discover at new taste and create a small surprise.”