Essential Macau | Three Private kitchens provide elevated dining in Macau

For anyone accustomed to the excess they encounter in many restaurants in Macau, Essential Macau rounds up the best private kitchens in town for food lovers to enjoy a tailored dining experience.

Grand Hyatt Macau – The Highest level of private dining

Private dining on the 37th floor of Grand Hyatt Macau is a great option for a special dinner accompanied by the twinkling lights of the towers of City of Dreams. Four stylishly appointed Private Dining Rooms on the 37th floor offer a VIP ambience for 8-12 guests.

Professional culinary teams from signature restaurants in the hotel will create a tailored gourmet menu for diners.  Guests can select their favourite dishes including the signature Traditional Beijing Style Duck from Beijing Kitchen, contemporary international plates from mezza9 Macau, and traditional Macanese delights from Lobby Lounge. There have three Chinese set menus and Western set menu for guests to choose from.

To provide the best dinning atmosphere, the private dining room offers five professionally designed table settings with world famous tableware brands Raynaud, Baccarat and Bernardaud, suitable for every occasion.

Reservation Details:  Call +853 8868 1234

Tommy private kitchen – Hidden authentic Italian cuisine

Tommy, the founder of a hidden private kitchen in Avenida de Horta e Costa is an experienced chef who has worked in restaurants and hotels.  Whilst working in hotels he felt the environment quite restricted him from cooking dishes for clients, thus he quit to set up his private kitchen.

The private kitchen – open for eight years – serves high quality Italian food. With all his produce imported from Europe, Tommy uses this to decide upon the menu for his guests.

When guests reserve a table, Tommy will ask them for their preference and price range before suggesting an appropriate menu for them.  He wants guests to enjoy every moment in his restaurant and pays much effort to presentation. The best thing about eating dinner in a private kitchen is that the chef can personalise the menu for your special occasion.

Tommy recalls a memorable experience when he prepared a proposal dinner, helping the gentlemen in question put some secret message in every dish – to the delight of the lady who accepted his proposal of marriage.

The signature dish of the restaurant is the black truffle pizza, featuring homemade dough topped with generous portions of black truffles from France. The secret recipe means the pizza is very crispy but still chewy.

Tommy’s private kitchen can accommodate three tables and ten guests, who are asked to make reservations a week ahead.

Reservation Details:  Send E-mail to [email protected]

Café Bonbon – romantic taste of the South of France

Café Bonbon is hidden in a quiet lane in the old city centre of Macau. In the daytime, it serves an array of desserts made by Chef Betty, founder of the café, which serves simple food like pasta.

At night, the café turns into a private kitchen, with Chef Betty tailor-making a wonderful dinner for guests – from menu to decorations.

Chef Betty has been fascinated by cooking since she was young, and by chance went on a short course in France to discover that she was fated to be a chef. Upon returning to Macau she took a year to prepare to study abroad. One year later, she quit her job and went to Paris, studying desserts and cooking in Le Cordon Bleu.

“To have a café was my dream; a good café must have good coffee and dessert, so I learned making coffee in Macau and making dessert in Paris,” she said. “Paris is the capital of desserts, so if I wanted to learn making desserts I had to be there.”

An avid admirer of the South of France, upon returning home she set up her own restaurant – Café Bonbon – with the concept inspired by the feeling of the South of France. In the beginning, Café Bonbon only offered coffee, dessert and pasta.

Good, delicious memories for guests is her philosophy. “I love cooking for my family and friends; when my café’s business became stable, I started to think of cooking for guests.”

Now, Betty not only provides a private kitchen service in Café Bonbon but also provides a home dining service for clients.

“Some upscale guests want to have more private service, so I will move my kitchen to their home and give them a restaurant service but in their familiar place.” she says. “There was a special guest; the husband wanted to surprise his wife for their anniversary. He invited me to personalise a menu in their house – the wife was very touched and they had a good time.”

Guests here can taste authentic France cuisine. “Most of the produce is imported from France, but I also use some good quality seasonal local ingredients or any unique ingredients I find on my trips.”

Reservations should be made a week in advance via Café Bonbon’s Facebook, Chef Betty will call guests to understand their preferences and price range to make up the menu. This private kitchen can accommodate ten guests.

Reservation Details:  send E-mail to [email protected] or send message through Facebook Café Bonbon·