Fast and Furious

The Suncity Group 65th Macau Grand Prix hits the Guia Circuit for a real Fast and Furious showdown from 15th to 18th November this year

Every November, the much anticipated international sporting event of the Macau Grand Prix attracts legions of fans from all over the world. First rocketing off the grid in 1954, this is the 65th edition of one of Macau’s biggest international events.

In 1954, the Grand Prix cut its teeth as a club race for local motoring enthusiasts, with 15 entrants competing in a four-hour test of endurance over 51 laps of the 3.9 mile Guia Circuit. In those days, drivers just finished the races on the cobbled road, sliding across the line on dirt and loose sand. In the next edition the cobbles were replaced by asphalt, and in 1956 the third Macau Grand Prix was blessed with the construction of a permanent concrete grandstand incorporating 10 pits and seating for 300. The present length of the Guia circuit is 3.8 miles, unchanged since 1958.

The race made great strides in 1960, The Macau Grand Prix was, for the first time, entered onto the international racing calendar as a ‘national race with foreign participation,’ subject to regulations published by the FIA for sports and grand touring cars. In 1967, the Macau Motorcycle Grand Prix was introduced. And in 2008, a GT3 race was added to the event, which became known as the FIA GT World Cup.

The Macau Grand Prix is contested on one of the most challenging circuits in the world due to its complicated characteristics – a combination of fast straights and tight corners, with a minimum width of only seven metres on this demanding street circuit. Unsurprisingly, many great racers have come here to challenge the notoriously narrow streets, with spectators witnessing many an exciting tussle for racing honours, both on four wheels and two.

Adrenalin-fuelled races

The 65th Macau Grand Prix will comprise six races and one new event, the Greater Bay Area Cup. Suncity Group, title sponsor of the event for the fifth year running, will continue to work with Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), the motorsport governing body, to hold three world-class races; namely, the FIA F3 World Cup, the FIA GT World Cup, and the WTCR FIA World Touring Car Cup. More highlights include the 52nd Macau Motorcycle Grand Prix and the Macau Touring Car Cup sponsored by FOOD4U Co.,Ltd.

As one of the most exciting races the Macau Touring Car Cup will attract many excellent racers to the Guia Circuit. Continuing the format of last year, eligible cars will be divided into 1600cc Turbo and over 1950cc classes. Spectators can expect to witness the return of Robert Huff, the most decorated driver in the history of the Macau Grand Prix.

The winner of last year’s Macau Motorcycle Grand Prix, Glenn Irwin, said he was not considering entering this year’s competition following the death of fellow rider Daniel Hegarty, according to the BBC.

The ‘newbie’ of the 65th Grand Prix, the Greater Bay Area Cup will parade drivers from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan to showcase their skills in same-brand, same-model cars. Expect to witness the real abilities of some brilliant drivers.

Warm 65th anniversary celebrations

In celebration of the 65th anniversary – and to let residents and tourists immerse themselves in race fever – an array of events will be staged around town.

Residents and visitors can get a close-up look at the amazing Macau GT Cup – FIA ​​GT World Cup cars and Macau Motorcycle Grand Prix racing bikes in Tap Seac Square at the 65th Macau Grand Prix Opening Ceremony and Auto Show on 10th and 11th November.

And on 11th November, motor sports lovers can also run a lap of the famous street circuit in the Guia Circuit Fun Run, with start and finish points at the Macau Grand Prix Building. The total length of the event is approximately 6.2 kilometres, with participants required to complete their run within one hour and 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, photography enthusiasts will not want to miss the ‘65’ racing-themed photo and Grand Prix-themed short video collection campaigns, with the winner having the opportunity to show their works on the Grand Prix’s official website to win paddock access passes and tickets to this year’s Grand Prix as well as special souvenirs.