Macau’s Chief Executive (CE) Fernando Chui Sai On has proclaimed that the MSAR Government will protect the city’s heritage sites, remarking that it is normal for non-profit organisations and environmentalists to report any concerns to UNESCO, saying he was not concerned that Macau would thus be affected in its listing of World Heritage Sites.
The comment was made yesterday prior to his visit to Shanghai.
Earlier this month, a report by the World Heritage Committee slammed China and the MSAR Government’s performance on heritage preservation practices, such as the several construction projects near the Guia Lighthouse that would have affected its sightlines.
Meanwhile, regarding the request of revising the new Land Law by legislators Zheng Anting and Leonel Alberto Alves, the CE has affirmed that the request is currently undergoing evaluation by the Secretariat for Administration and Justice.
Chui stressed that the previous proposal submitted could be accepted or turned down, while recalling that there had been a Rent Law accepted and Labour Law rejected.
The social housing project at Wai Long Road was also mentioned by the CE.
Chui urged society not to merely consider the environmental evaluation of the Wai Long social housing project, saying that the focus should be placed on how to create suitable conditions to ensure the health of residents.