Getting around the law

Legislator and former casino dealer, Leong Sun Iok, has criticised casinos for trying to get around the requirements of the smoking law, and has requested the government to appoint permanent inspectors in gaming areas Newly elected legislator, Leong Sun Iok, from the Macau Federation of Trade Unions requested the government on Friday to appoint permanent inspectors in casinos to prevent infringements of the smoking law. During the AL interpellation period, legislator Leong criticised Macau casinos, stating...


The revolution is online and more than ready for diversity

The head of Silicon Republic, a sci-tech media publisher headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, paid a visit to the MSAR on her way to Hong Kong to promote her company and the role of women in the field It is “high time” to redress the question of the gender imbalance and skills gap that have been “historically” shaping many organizations and the sci-tech field in particular, states Ann O’Dea, CEO and co-founder of Silicon Republic, in...

MICE fully integrated into IPIM

Macao Economic Services terminate activities related to conventions and exhibitions under its portfolio Activities related to the conventions and exhibitions sector, usually referred to as MICE, will be exclusively handled by the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM), and will no longer be under the purvey of the Macao Economic Services (DSE), the government announced in a press conference last Friday. “These are two interrelated projects, a way to optimize the functioning of such...



Macau | AL committee plans out seven areas of public investment for the year ahead

Macau (MNA) - The revision of the procurement law tops the list of priorities defined by the Public Financial Matters Follow-up Committee at the Legislative Assembly for the coming year. Speaking after the meeting today, Legislator Mak So I Kun, who is also the chairman of the committee this year, said the committee will be following a total of seven areas relating to government's financial matters. Other investment areas that will be given priority by the...


London Calling

The lower value of the pound sterling and stable long-term returns, together with London’s strong status as a cultural and financial world centre, are some of the reasons that the city is attracting more real estate investment from Greater China, real estate experts told Business Daily Instead of scaring away potential purchasers, Brexit has led to a rush of investors from mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau into real estate in London, moved by drops...

Wait for it

Having not yet received government permission to start developing a luxury residential building on Nam Vam Lake waterfront, Capital Estate Ltd. has announced that it has received HK$90 million in repayments from a company related to a failed development in Coloane


A world of fashion

Co-founders of a start-up specializing in haute couture in the MSAR, Chantelle Cheang and Kelvin Mac, of Chavin Art & Costume Design, reveal plans for their brand to expand beyond the city, and discuss their overall views of starting up a business in the city What is your background in fashion? CC: We have mainly done haute couture and some dress renting too.  I myself started designing fashion pieces for clients in 2013. Most of these...





In meeting, Trump to push a reluctant Xi to rein in North Korea

Washington (Reuters) - President Donald Trump will further pressure Chinese President Xi Jinping in talks next week to take tougher measures against North Korea, as the United States compiles information for possible new sanctions on Chinese banks working with Pyongyang. Senior administration officials say Trump will try to convince Xi when they meet in Beijing to squeeze North Korea with steps such as limits on oil exports, coal imports and financial transactions. It is the latest...


North Korean ‘masterminds’ behind Kim Jong Nam killing a mystery

KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) - One month into the trial of the killing of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's half-brother, Malaysian prosecutors have focused on two accused women, but have shed no light on four prime North Korean suspects

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Macau Business

“Japan is our priority now” Exclusive Interview | Lawrence Ho

To Lawrence Ho there’s now just one investment priority: Japan. Spain can wait. City of Dreams Manila is finally performing well, thus the Melco Resorts CEO is happy. And reveals to Macau Business in an exclusive interview that he might go for local casinos if Pagcor is really interested in selling. But only if he can redevelop the site. Mr. Ho is thinking of adding another plane to his fleet - and remains confident Melco will continue to hold a licence in Macau, declaring “Of the six, we have been the best corporate citizen”

Penny-pinchers continue to prevaricate

It will take a miracle for a minimum wage for all workers to become effective before 2019, as promised by the government

Putting teeth in paper tigers

Report after report by the city’s two watchdogs highlight problems in the city’s executive branch but have government departments heeded their calls? Many believe the Chief Executive could - and should - do more

All at sea

The MSAR Government brings in the wrecking ball before realising that the shipyards in ancient Coloane cannot just be written off as junk. A rethink considers the possibility of applying for World Heritage site listing along with other options

MB Special Report

Macau, Central Korea | Sacrificial Lamb

Following North Korea’s third nuclear test in February 2013, U.S. authorities decided to invoke a financial embargo. The small Macanese Banco Delta Asia was the sole target in this new kind of Washington-Pyongyang war

Macau, Central Korea | A chicken called BDA

The United States attacked Banco Delta Asia without producing any evidence of its allegations. Today, it is known that the bank was only a “symbolic target”

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Accessible Art

Macau is an essential destination for lovers of modern art, with amazing works from renowned contemporary artists from around the world on display all over the city.
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