Local travel agencies expect there will be more local residents travelling outbound for the upcoming Easter Holidays compared to one year ago.
For this Easter Holiday period, starting April 13, cities in Mainland China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and Thailand are the most popular destinations for local residents, Business Daily has learned.
Atdy Chow, senior operation manager of EGL Tours (Macau) Company Limited, said the travel agency has seen a 20 per cent year-on-year increase in the number of residents registering for the company’s outbound package tours, or buying their services for individual travel, as compared to last year’s Easter Holidays.
“At the moment, our package tour bookings [for this coming Easter] are not bad,” said Ms. Chow. “In fact, they are better than our expectations”.
She added that Japan is the hottest destination due to the low value of the Japanese Yen.
“Although the number of tours to Japan is not big, the limited number of available flights departing from Macau has led to full bookings in a very short period of time,” noted the EGL operation manager.
In contrast to last year’s holidays, Ms. Chow observed that more clients are choosing to travel on their own, with agency services, rather than joining package tours, making this year’s ratio between outbound package tours and individual travel equally shared.
“Before, people tended to join tours because it was easier for families […] but now communication is less difficult so demand for individual travel has increased,” explained Ms. Chow.

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Kay You, Cultural Travel Planner at local travel agency Multinational Youth Travel Agency Limited (MYTA), meanwhile, disclosed that tours to Tianjin and Beijing on April 13 are full, while tours to other destinations such as Cambodia and Vietnam are also enjoying positive responses.
Having participated in the previous Macau International Travel (Industry) Expos to promote the company, Ms. You remarked that the number of tours booked through the company has increased by one fold when compared to last year’s performance.
“There are a number of associations booking package tours via us and there are also new groups co-operating with us,” commented Ms. You.
China Travel Service (Macao) Ltd. (CTS), which focuses on offering tours to Mainland China, has also seen a positive response for its Easter bookings.
“Around or over 30 tours have been already confirmed,” said Patrick Puk, Travel Department Assistant General Manager of CTS, adding that more bookings are expected in the coming two weeks.
Since the Easter Holidays are not mandatory in Mainland China, Andy Wu Keng Kuong, president of the Macau Travel Industry Council, explained that inbound package tours for the period, in particular from Mainland China, will remain more or less the same as during normal days.