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Legislators want solution to Pearl Horizon case

19 legislators joined a petition, urging authorities to settle the disputed matter based on current laws

A joint letter signed by 19 legislators of the MSAR was submitted to the city’s top official over the past weekend, urging the government to resolve the Pearl Horizon case as soon as possible. The government responded that it would seek a solution that can balance the general interests and benefits of the society.
On Saturday, 11 legislators of the campaign met with MSAR Chief Executive Fernando Chui Sai On. During the visit, the top official claimed his administration has studied different possibilities for resolving the matter, including those suggested by the legislators, stressing that all proposals face different difficulties and legal restraints due to the complexity of the case.
According to representative of the group of legislators, Kwan Tsui Hang, members of the campaign have suggested that the government settle the disputes following two major directions: to handle the case independently by not amending the Land Law; and to come up with a solution under the current legal framework, Macao Daily reported.
Pearl Horizon, a residential project sitting on a site known as lot-P of Areia Preta on the Macau peninsula, was designed to house a total of 5,000-plus residential units. However, the government declared the land granted to the plot’s developer, Polytex Corporation Ltd, invalid, and stated its intention to reclaim the land plot, following the latter’s failure to complete the project by the expiry date of its concession term – despite the fact that over 3,000 of the units were sold off-plan.

Lawsuit result matters
During the meeting, Secretary for Administration and Justice, Sonia Chan Hoi Fan stressed that the government will continue to seek a viable solution to the matter.
Speaking to reporters after the meeting, the representative of the legislators said the government believes it is easier to conclude the case after local courts issue a ruling on its current lawsuits with the developer. She added that the government considers making a decision prior to the court ruling risky, and that it may need further study, according to Macao Daily.
Regarding the suggestion that the government could re-open public tenders for the plot, Ms. Kwan said the government is worried that the proposal may attract accusations against the government of transfer of benefits if it grants the tender to the same developer – in consideration of the benefits of the home buyers.
Developer of Pearl Horizon, Polytec Asset Holdings, has been claiming that it has ‘strong legal grounds’ to win its lawsuit levelled against the government, for extra time to complete the high-end residential project.
The grounds for the lawsuit are claims by the company that the delay in developing the property before the end of its 25-year concession agreement was due to delays by the local government in granting requisite approvals and permits for the project’s development.
The 19 legislators of the joint signature campaign are: Kwan Tsui Hang, Chan Meng Kam, Si Ka Lon, Ella Lei Cheng I, Song Pek Kei, Ho Ion Sang, Leong Veng Chai, Antonio Ng Kuok Cheong, Chan Hong, José Pereira Coutinho, Au Kam San, Wong Kit Cheng, Lam Heong Sang, Mak Soi Kun, Fong Chi Keong, Kou Hoi In, Chan Iek Lap, Angela Leong On Kei and Zheng Anting.