Macau | Aomi in talks with local banks to provide better payment services (Update)

The CEO and founder of Aomi pledged to improve its payment services, informing MNA that they are currently in talks with local banks to provide direct payment transfers between different local banks

Macau (MNA) – The CEO and founder of local mobile takeaway application Aomi, Acen Jiang Hai Tao, has pledged to improve its payment services, informing Macau New Agency (MNA) that they are currently in talks with local banks to provide direct payment transfers between different local banks.

The company recently became involved in an online rumour that accused them of delaying payments to partnered stores and restaurants.

Last week, the company issued a legal statement stressing that it had settled payments with all local stores and restaurants for the month of April.

Admitting that further improvements are necessary, Mr. Jiang stated that queueing up at local banks every time during settlement period would no longer be needed when the new collaboration with local banks commences.

The CEO explained that Aomi currently uses accounts with the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) and Bank of China, hence most payments cannot be settled via transfer between accounts since there are stores and restaurants using other bank accounts.

‘Currently we mainly use cheques and queueing up at local banks to settle the payments,’ wrote the CEO.

Meanwhile, a source who claimed to be one of Aomi’s victims revealed to MNA that some 18 local restaurants had previously been affected by Aomi’s late payments, with delayed payment involving thousands to hundred thousands of patacas.

The owner of one affected restaurant told MNA that he decided to terminate the partnership with Aomi last year, after the company had delayed payments several times.

The owner said Aomi made a lot of excuses for the late payments, such as “one of the accountants was sick” or “the whole company had gone for a trip.”

“I offered to go to their office to pick up the cheques if they are not having enough staff or enough time, but they declined and insisted to deliver the cheque to us at the restaurant […] saying that they were to ensure the best one-stop service,” said the restaurant owner.

The owner of another cafe told MNA that the staff always failed to provide records of settlements, while also denouncing the company’s poor services.

In response, the CEO stated that stores and restaurants could directly approach the company if they had questions or issues.

Regarding the company’s offer of MOP100,000 for tracking alleged ‘rumour’ creators, Mr. Jiang said the police has no significant progress in investigation at present.

The Judiciary Police (PJ) told MNA that no restaurant or similar establishment has filed a complaint against Aomi.

[Updates add last paragraph with police response]

[Edited by Sheyla Zandonai]