Macau | Application to extend use of Canidrome facilities rejected - Gaming watchdog

The Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau confirmed on Thursday in a press release that they had rejected the extension requested by the Canidrome to use its facilities for another 120 days

Macau (MNA) – The Gaming Inspection and Co-ordination Bureau (DICJ) has rejected the extension requested by the Canidrome to use its facilities for another 120 days, a press release on Thursday confirmed.

The Bureau reiterated that the Canidrome was requested to vacate its premises by July 20, 2018 two years ago and that this deadline still stands.

The DICJ did not comment, however, upon whether another request by the company to re-locate the greyhounds to the Macau Jockey Club facilities had been approved by the gaming watchdog at the time of writing.

In addition, it claimed that ‘after a comprehensive study’ of the transition programme following the expiry of the Canidrome’s contract, and in the light of ‘increasing awareness of animal rights around the world,’ the practice of dog racing will have to be stopped to comply with ‘the universal values of animal rights.’

The Macau SAR Government had also been advocating protection of the animals, stating that dog racing will not benefit Macau’s ‘ambitions’ to diversify its economy and to develop globally as a tourism and leisure centre.

Furthermore, the release refers to a study published by The Institute for the Study of Commercial Gaming by the University of Macau citing that the importance of dog racing was making diminishing returns regardless of what it provided in terms of jobs and tourism, and that the practice had failed to comply with ‘responsible gaming policies.’

The extension was requested on Wednesday and forwarded to the Civic and Municipal Bureau (IACM) and the DICJ, with the latter having passed the responsibility of a decision on the use of the Jockey Club land to the Land, Public Works and Transport department.

Public Works have not yet released a statement about the matter.