Macau | Casino giant Caesars applies for trademark registration in Macau

Two subsidiaries of American gaming and entertainment company Caesars Entertainment Corp have filed for trademark protection in Macau, although the company has not yet announced any plans for the city

Macau (MNA) – Two subsidiaries of American gaming and entertainment company Caesars Entertainment Corporation have filed for trademark protection in Macau, a dispatch in the Official Gazette revealed on Wednesday.

While it is not clear what intentions Caesars holds in seeking brand protection in the city – it currently has no registered casino or entertainment business in Macau – the company has recently become more public about its plans to bid for the Japan gaming market.

The company had not replied to a request for clarification from Macau News Agency (MNA) about its future plans in the region as at the time of writing.

Flamingo Las Vegas Operating Company, LLC is one of the subsidiaries of Caesars which applied for protection for four trademarks in Macau under the name ‘Flamingo’.

Services covered by the application include, but are not exclusive to, casino services, casino management, gaming services, hotels, restaurants, as well as entertainment facilities and nightclubs.

Flamingo Las Vegas is an American company incorporated in 2007 which owns and operates a hotel and casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Corner Investment Company, LLC, an indirectly owned subsidiary of Caesars, also filed four trademark registrations under the brand ‘The Cromwell’, also for the provision of services similar to those of the Flamingo brand.

These include the provision of entertainment facilities and casino management services, games of chance, interactive games, television entertainment services, as well as the organisation and supply of games and competitions for entertainment purposes, to name but ta few.

Caesars Growth Partners, LLC is a joint venture between Caesars Acquisition Company and Caesars Entertainment Corporation.

Caesars Entertainment is the company name of former Harrah’s Entertainment, adopted by the company in 2010.

The company was founded in 1937 with the opening of the first bingo parlour in Reno, Nevada.