Macau | CE election and handover 20th anniversary postponed 6th Forum Macao Ministerial Conference to 2020

The 6th Forum Macao Ministerial Conference was postponed to 2020 so as to not coincide with next year's Chief Executive elections and the celebrations for the 20th anniversary of the handover of the Macau SAR to Mainland China, one of heads of Forum Macao, Gloria Ung, said today

Macau (MNA) – The Executive Director of the Macau Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM), Glória Batalha Ung, said on Friday that the Chinese authorities had already agreed with the proposal of moving the 6th Ministerial Conference to 2020.

“We have to respect the Portuguese-speaking countries and we will consult their opinions – for the best date]. The specific date will be announced later,” Mr. Ung said today.

Ms. Ung made the comments on the sidelines of ceremony held today to celebrate the 15th establishment of Forum Macao.

According to Ms. Ung the Macau Chief Executive (CE), Fernando Chui Sai On, has already statied that the conference will take place in 2020 at the Forum Macao head the Commission for the Development of the Platform of Services for the Commercial Cooperation between China and the Countries of Portuguese Language held on Thursday.

“As you know the conference takes place every three years so since 2003 we held five editions. With the last one having taken place in 2016 the next one was scheduled for 2019 but as you know this year will the have the CE elections and the 20th anniversary celebrations of the handover of Macau to China,” she added.

According to Ms. Ung, the conference attracts many international top officials to the Macau SAR and with Forum Macao wanting to “focus seriously in the event and its guests” it was suggested that the ministerial conference be postponed.

Forum Macao ministerial conferences bring together political representatives from Portuguese-speaking countries and China to discuss strategic plans on how to develop their economic and trade partnerships.

Up to now, five Forum Macao Ministerial Conferences have been held, all of them in Macau, in October 2003; September 2006; November 2010; November 2013; and October 2016, with the last conference seeing the Chinese Premier, Li Keqiang, attending.

It was previously reported by Macau Hub that Chinese authorities were planning to hold the conference at the Service Complex for Economic Co-operation between China and Portuguese-speaking countries currently under construction in the Nam Van Lake area near the Legislative Assembly (AL), with the complex expected to be concluded in November, 2019.

Construction company Companhia de Construção e Engenharia Omas, Limitada was granted a MOP692.8 million (US$86.1 million) contract for the construction of the complex on September, 2017, having offered to complete the project under 600 days.