Macau | Cultural Affairs Bureau sends illegal Kun Iam Tong Temple renovations case to police

The Cultural Affairs Bureau said today that the illegal renovation works of the Kun Iam Tong Temple did not stop even after a Cease and Desist Order, and that the case has been transferred to police authorities

Macau (MNA) – The Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC) said in a release on Monday that despite a Cease and Desist Order having been given to the Kun Iam Tong Temple last week to stop its unauthorised renovation works, a recent inspection by IC authorities found that the renovations continued, with police authorities informed about the case today.

IC authorities were first informed about renovations at the Kun Iam Tong Temple on January 6 by concerned citizens, questioning why some of the original decorations and detailing were removed and replaced with ones different from the temple’s original style.

According to newspaper Journal do Cidadao, IC authorities had been analysing a number of restoration projects for the temple that were proposed by its representatives, but before obtaining authorisation by the IC, the temple began carrying out its own renovation works, including painting an original blue brick wall white.

It was then that a Cease and Desist Order was issued to suspend the unauthorised works, to which temple representatives pledged to adhere to.

Over the weekend, IC authorities found that the renovation works had continued and the heritage importance of the temple was beginning to be damaged.

The cultural department added that the case will be strictly followed up on and legal responsibilities will be placed on those handling the renovation works.

The IC reiterates in the release that all projects involving heritage buildings must first have prior consultation and approval from IC authorities before any work can be initiated, if the work begins without these prerequisites, it is constituted as a crime and will be punished by the full extent of the law.