Macau | Education bureau yet to contact #MeToo victim

A netizen who alleged a 78-year-old music tutor had harrassed her eight years ago confirmed with Macau News Agency that the Education and Youth Bureau has yet to aproach her to clarify why a report had not been filed in 2016 when she had approached a school counsellor regarding her situation

Macau (MNA) – A girl who had come forward with allegations that a 78-year-old tutor, who had been convicted of sexually harrassing two sisters, aged 8 and 9 respectively, had also preyed on her eight years ago, has told Macau News Agency (MNA) that the Education and Youth Bureau (DSEJ) had not approached her to clarify the situation.

Earlier in the week, her Facebook post, hashtagged #MeToo, alleged that she had sought counselling in 2016 and that her counsellor had told her that DSEJ had been informed of the situation, which she was told not to pursue further due to a ‘lack of evidence.’

On its part, DSEJ has informed media that the bureau had conducted an internal investigation but found no records of a similar incident in 2016, with sub-director Kong Ngai urging the girl to approach DSEJ directly.

The netizen has told MNA that she “doesn’t know” if she will approach DSEJ, showing MNA a screencap of her people from her school sharing information of what had happened on an informal Facebook page, in a post dated October 12.

However, she confirmed that the Judiciary Police (PJ) has contacted her and is currently investigating her case.

In her original Facebook post, the netizen wrote of an incident when the tutor had touched her inappropriately on the fourth floor of a building along Senado Square after a practice session with a Macau Youth Association Teenage musical group, which had caused her great emotional distress.

Due to her experience, the netizen had approached the school counsellor who had claimed to file the case with DSEJ in 2016.

In a later post, the netizen had clarified that she was only sharing her experience to show solidarity with the two sisters who had been harrassed.