Macau | Firefighters hold MGM Cotai's first fire and emergency drill

The Macau Firefighters Corps held a fire and emergency drill at the MGM Cotai property today, to test the new hotel/casino response to emergency situations

Macau (MNA) – The Macau Firefighters Corps held a fire and evacuation safety drill at MGM Cotai this Friday morning in order to reinforce the property’s capacity for coordinating emergency response efforts in case of serious incidents.

The drill started at 11:00am, took an hour, and involved 34 firefighters and eight firetrucks, with the hotel management holding a meeting with the fire brigade responsible to evaluate the result of the exercise.

It was the first fire drill to be undertaken by Macau firefighters at the new Cotai property.

The drill simulated a fire in a room at the MGM Cotai’s 7th floor, with fire protection systems activated by the fire, and the hotel security contacting firefighters and evacuating the premises.

Firefighter at MGM Cotai

Upon arrival, firefighters simulated the evacuation of the hotel’s guests and the carrying of four injured people to the hospital after first aid treatment.

MGM Cotai will officially open for the public  on January 29 with an ‘official grand opening ceremony and gala dinner’ held on February 13, with MGM’s CEO Grant Bowie having stated the in-between period will be used to assure the property’s technology proper functioning.

The gaming operator also announced today that MGM Cotai’s entertainment feature space Spectacle will be available upon the first opening date