Macau | Gov't mulls pedestrian bridge connecting Morais social housing and Hoi Fu Garden

The government is mulling the construction of a pedestrian bridge to connect Morais social housing and Hoi Fu Garden, Legislator Ho Ion Sang cited from the government

Macau (MNA) – The Macau SAR Government is mulling the construction of a pedestrian bridge to connect Morais social housing, located at Avenida Venceslau de Morais, and Hoi Fu Garden, the chairman of the Legislative Assembly’s first standing committee, Ho Ion Sang, has revealed.

The committee held a meeting with government representatives on Thursday to discuss the social housing bill.

Mr. Ho also divulged to the press after the meeting that taxi and bus stations will be sited within the social housing project. In addition, a central multi-functional building will be included, according to Mr. Ho.

A list to improve

Regarding the social housing bill, a list of areas that should be covered by the bill was forwarded to the government after it was created during a previous internal meeting held by the first standing committee, said Mr. Ho.

He said that the committee is not satisfied with the narrow objects of the bill, with the focus placed only on the housing unit distribution and rental system.

“Previous decrees, by-laws and dispatches also include the management of social housing,” said Mr. Ho, saying that the committee suggests broadening the scope the bill should cover.

The bill should include different stages and areas related to social housing, from the design of construction to its management, said the chairman.

However, no consensus regarding the matter was reached during the meeting given that the construction and management of social housing are the responsibility of different departments, the committee head said, citing the government.

For instance, the construction of social housing is the responsibility of the Infrastructure Development Office (GDI) while the distribution task of flats is that of the Housing Bureau (IH). Mr. Ho said the government will continue conducting studies to address the matter.

The committee head said the list also suggests setting up timetables of moving in for all social housing projects, as well as issues on applicants aged 18 to 23, applicants who had previously applied for economical housing, and the 4 per cent Bank Interest Subsidy. Mr. Ho said another meeting on December 12 will discuss the topics on the list.

[Edited by Sheyla Zandonai]