Macau | Gov't to hand out 1,700 extra licenses for driving in Hengqin

Macau and Zhuhai authorities will initiate another application round to provide 1,700 licenses for Macau registered vehicles to drive in Hengqin, bringing the total number of authorised vehicles to 2,500

Macau (MNA) – The Macau SAR and Zhuhai governments announced on Thursday that they will authorise 1,700 new licenses for Macau registered vehicles to drive in Hengqin.

The driving scheme to Henqgin was initiated in 2016, with the new licenses to be handed out to bring the total number of Macau vehicles authorised to drive in the neighbouring territory up to 2,500.

The 1,700 new quotas will be allocated in three stages, 700 in the first, and 500 in the second and third, respectively.

Applications for the new licenses can be submitted to Customs after December 20, with residents able to access requirement information in this Hengqin page or call 0756-8841835 and 0756-8841875.

The previous license application phase deemed it necessary for applicants to have an employment contract in Henqgin; pay social pension or having acquired real estate, limited to housing, offices or shops in the area.

‘In the future, the governments of the two territories will push forward the work on this issue, considering the use of quotas, capacity of the border crossing and the reality of Macau, in order to move forward gradually, with the aim of following the policies favorable to the city,” the Macau Government Spokesperson Office stated.