Macau | Gov't warns about 'unknown black substance' in Coloane beaches

An unknown black substance found in the waters of Hac Sa and Cheoc Van beaches led the Marine and Water Bureau to urge residents not to swim in those areas

Macau (MNA) – The Marine and Water Bureau (DSAMA) urged Macau SAR residents this Tuesday not to swim in Hac Sa and Cheoc Van beaches in Coloane, due to the presence of a ‘black substance’ in its waters.

According to the department, the company responsible for the maintenance of the beaches has ‘quickly’ cleaned any substance that ended up in the shore and set up signs warning residents.

‘The Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau and the Environmental Protection Bureau were also notified to carry out an on-site inspection and collect samples. This department will continue to monitor the respective matter if any abnormality is found, it will be dealt with immediately,’ the notice stated.