Macau | Hengqin offers tourism products that cannot be found in Macau - Liaison Office Minister

Hengqin will play a role in providing family-friendly tourism offerings that provide an alternative to Macau's gaming-driven tourism industry

Macau (MNA) – “Macau cannot offer the same type of tourism products that Hengqin can,” said Xu Jun, the Assistant Minister of Economic Affairs for the Macau Central Liaison Office during a panel discussion during the Hengqin Tourism Promotion Meeting held on Friday.

Jun was referring to several attractions such as Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, which was opened in 2014 as well as the offering of other projects such as the upcoming Novotown development which is launching its first phase in 2019 and Hengqin International Tennis Center.

However, Mr Jun also said that the growth and development of Hengqin’s tourism industry was not meant to overshadow tourists coming in from Macau, but to complement it.

The panel consists of Zhang Zhimin, the Vice President of the Macau Travel Agency Association, Guan Wei, director of the Social Affairs Bureau of Hengqin New District and  Larry Leung, the Managing Director of Novotown.

Zhang explains that the Hengqin’s best move would be to “co-operate with Macau,” which can be achieved by operators from both sides offering package tours to destinations both on Macau’s Cotai Strip and in Hengqin.

Novotown director Larry Leung says, “Hengqin is an area with great potential,” adding that between Hong Kong, Macau and Hengqin, Hong Kong and Macau are each mature tourism markets with established attractions but Hengqin is still growing.

CEO of GW Investment Consulting, Matthew Ossolinski has told Macau News Agency (MNA) that in the future, Hengqin will be able to integrate with Macau and give it the space needed to diversify its economy with family-friendly options, adding that, “Together, Macau and Hengqin will be the entertainment capital of Asia. They will be accessible and integrated through infrastructure with other cities in the future Greater Bay Area megalopolis.”

With the opening of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge (HZMB), all the participants of the forum were optimistic that the future for Hengqin would be positive.

Hengqin Island is approximately three times the size of Macau.