Macau | Jewellery shops, taxis and food products top consumer complaints in 2018

Of the 2,290 complaints received by the Macau Consumer Council in 2018, most concerned jewellery shops, food products and taxi services in the city

Macau (MNA) – The Macau Consumer Council indicated that it has received 2,290 complaints in 2018, with complaints over jewellery shops, food products and taxi services in the city topping the list.

The top 5 categories in terms of number of complaint cases were, namely, jewellery shops (201 cases), public transportation (166 cases), food products (163 cases), personal care products and services (148 cases), and F&B services (144 cases), with all five categories amounting to 35 per cent of all complaints.

Jewellery complaints mainly involved Chinese tourist groups visitors complaining about the prices and quality of gold and diamond ornaments while visiting designated jewelry shops.

The issue led the local Consumer Council to start sending out tips for consumers in China through the China Consumers Association and to consumer organizations in different Chinese provinces and cities since early 2018

‘The Council also works together with other government departments and requires the gold industry to label in details the price and other information of gold ornaments. The Council will pay attention to complaint cases on this category and provide assistance to consumers to safeguard the consumer rights of tourists,’ it was announced.

Concerning complaints over transport services in Macau, about 126 cases or 75 per cent of the complaints involving overcharging and the quality of service of taxi drivers, with the number of cases on this category having increased by 40 per cent yearly in 2018.

In 2018 the Council also noted a 60 per cent year-on-year jump in complaints over food products, mainly in regard to the quality and prices of food and beverage items.

There was also a 70 per cent yearly increase in complaints over food and beverage businesses in 2018, with some cases involving food delivery online platforms or electronic payments.

‘The Council further advises that when using the electronic wallet, consumers are well informed of the terms of use and discounts offered by the issuing entity, as well as clearly verifying the contents of the transaction before making the payment. Do not forget to check the balance of the electronic wallet before and after the transaction, in addition to being careful about security when registering the credit card,’ the department indicated.

There was also a 57 per cent jump in complaints over personal hygiene care products and services, with complaints noting that shops promotional tactics, especially over the phone,  were too aggressive and persistent.