Macau | Lai Chi Vun shipyards photography exhibition to be held in Lisbon

The Lai Chi Vun shipyards, the largest shipbuilding area in Macau, will be the focus of a photography exhibition by Chilean Roberto Santandreu, set to open on January, 17 at the Casa de América Latina in Lisbon, Portugal

Named ‘The Shipyard’, the exhibition presents a photographic proposal with time-stamped images, in which the author shares the experiences and sensations he had when photographing the abandoned shipyards of Lai Chi Vun.

In the same exhibition, which will be visible until March 1, according to a note from the organization, photographs of handwritten phrases found in that historic naval structure are also exhibited.

Built in the 1950s, Lai Chi Vun Shipyards are considered to be one of the largest legacies of industrial heritage of shipbuilding in the southern region of China.

The shipyards present techniques and methods related to shipbuilding in the late twentieth century, also revealing the organization and way of life of the community of the village of Lai Chi Vun and the influences they had on the industry of the naval industry.

In 2017, the Macao Cultural Institute received a request to begin the classification procedure of the shipyards, on the initiative of a local group, and the project progressed last year to be preserved as a cultural heritage.

Born in Milan in 1948, a Chilean national, Roberto Santandreu worked in Oslo and London, settling in Lisbon in 1975.