Macau | Land plot renewal investigation by Commission Against Corruption to be made public

The Commission Against Corruption has been investigating the renewal process of land plots, of which the results will be made public

Macau (MNA) – The Commission Against Corruption (CCAC) has been investigating the renewal process of land plots, of which the results will be made public, it was revealed by Chief Executive (CE) Fernando Chui Sai On on Friday.

The CE was answering a question regarding the process of renewing land plots, which according to legislator Leong Sun Iok, had been facing multiple delays since 2011.

“Regarding the Pearl Horizon land plot, the land plot is still unused even though the land plot has been declared as expired for many months.” said the legislator, also pointing out that a separate land plot meant for a marine park had not been used for 20 years.

The land plot in question is located in Taipa, next to Estrada Almirante Marques Esparteiro, near the Regency Art Hotel.

The Pearl Horizon housing project in Areia Preta has left a group of pre-sale buyers without the promised housing units by developer Polytex Corporation Ltd, for which the government had proposed a group of 2,000 housing units at a similar price as compensation, to be built on the original land plot.

Polytex is the local subsidiary of Hong Kong-based developer Polytec Asset Holding Ltd., which owns an 80 per cent interest in Pearl Horizon.

Initially resistent, the Pearl Horizon Condominium Owners United Association declared they had officially accepted the government plan on October 10.

“As of September [this year], 73 land plots have expired, covering an area of ​​530,000 square metres,” said Mr. Chui.

Chui pointed out that each land plot expiry face different circumstances and as such there will be differences in processing time.

“After listening to the views of Secretary for Administration and Justice Sonia Chan Hoi Fan and the community, I have instructed for a comprehensive analysis to be made on the land plots that have already expired,” said the CE, adding that this report will include an overall plan and recommendations for the management of land grants.