Macau | Legislator recommends 'dangerous goods' driving licence

Legislator Mak Soi Kun suggested the Transport Bureau to require drivers who transport hazardous goods to apply for a 'dangerous goods' driver license before hitting the road

Macau (MNA) – Legislator Mak Soi Kun submitted a written interpellation to the Legislative Assembly (AL) on Thursday in which he suggests the Transport Bureau (DSAT) create a system requiring drivers who transport hazardous goods to apply for a ‘dangerous goods’ driving licence before hitting the road.

Mak began his statement by recalling the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) explosion incident that took place roughly a week ago, on July 3, claiming similar accidents might take place in the future if transport workers lack proper training for carrying hazardous materials.

The legislator suggested the DSAT enforce mandatory training and tests for drivers who transport dangerous goods, proposing only drivers with a valid hazardous goods driving licence be allowed to transport materials such as LPG cylinders.

‘The existing law only regulates the storage and transportation of LPG bottles but it does not have clear rules regulating the standard of professionals who transport or install LPG,’ Mak wrote.

The explosion that occurred on July 3 in Pak Lei Building in the Areia Preta district injured six people, including one fatality.