Macau | Lusophone painting exhibition to celebrate 15 years of Forum Macau contributions

The Association for the Promotion of Cultural Activities will held the Lusophone Painting Exhibition next week countries, celebrating 15 years of co-operation between countries within the Forum Macau

Macau (MNA) – The Association for the Promotion of Cultural Activities (APAC) announced on Monday that this year’s Lusophone Painting Exhibition will focus on deepening cultural relations between China and the Portuguese-speaking countries as well as celebrate the Forum for Economic and Trade Co-operation (Forum Macau) between the captioned countries for 15 years of contributions to the city.

The 15th edition of the exhibition will display more than 27 original works, three by each artist.

“Arts works from those nine Portuguese-speaking countries plus one more Macau, are the main spot-lights for this event because they will show how particular varieties of divergences and theme creature insides”, the exhibition co-ordinator José Duarte told Macau News Agency (MNA).

The exhibition will be held between October 12 and November 14 at the Military Club. With convenient location at the central district, the organisers expect to attract  more visitors from different backgrounds and nationalities this year.

In order to strengthen the “Meeting Bridges” initiative of the Club, this is also the second time that APAC holds the painting exhibition for China and Portuguese-speaking countries.

“Our goal is to maintaingood relationships between China and Luso countries whenever  intangible co-operations are,” Mr. Duarte concluded.

By Tina Chao