Macau | Macau Theme Park and Resorts Limited unveils Lisboeta

Lisboeta, a new integrated resort concept by Macau Theme Park and Resorts Limited, will feature three hotel concepts, the first urban zipline in the Asia-Pacific and South China's first indoor skydiving tunnel

Macau (MNA) – Macau Theme Park and Resorts Limited (MTPR) unveiled its latest integrated resort concept, Lisboeta, which draws on images of old Macau and introduces three new hotel brands to Macau.

At a media launch, Arnaldo Ho Yau Heng, who heads the project, told media that the Lisboeta has yet to consider any gaming elements but will be attempt to introduce “family-friendly” forms of entertainment, including the first urban zipline in the Asia-Pacific, a retail space and an indoor skydiving enclosure in a 141,035 square metre space.

Ho told media he was inspired by the work of casino tycoon Stanley Ho Hung-sun, who is also his father, which is why the completed complex would feature an homage to landmarks such as the Hotel Estoril, Macau Palace, also implementing Portuguese-inspired designs to emphasise the theme.

The three hotel brands introduced to Macau include Lisboeta Hotel, Maison L’occitane Hotel, the first boutique hotel inspired by the eponymous French beauty brand, and LINE Friends Casa d’Amigo, which will all be contained within a Y-shaped hotel tower that is 12 stories tall.

In addition, Macau Palace, an architectural replica of the boathouse casino of the same name that was captured in the James Bond movie The Man With the Golden Gun, will also be part of the complex, and include an exhibition space and a Chinese seafood restaurant.

The project is estimated to cost HK$5 billion (US$637.8 million) inclusive of construction and land price. Mr. Ho noted that, as MTPR is a private company, he could not give any further details, clarifying that he was not going to give any prediction on the returns within the first few years.

“To me, it is a long-term investment,” said Mr. Ho, also adding that instead of being a full theme park, the concept would be an integrated resort.

For entertainment offerings, 388 Lightlines Limited will bring Asia Pacific’s first urban zipline to Macau.

“Actually, it’s not so easy to find locations to do the type of thing we want to do. What we need is a really good landlord, somebody who has got a vision – a visionary – and that’s what we found with Arnaldo Ho. He wanted to created experiences unseen in Asia and in other places in the world, so the product we wanted to propose to him fit perfectly,” Lightlines’ managing director Scott Davies explained to Macau News Agency (MNA).

Davies told MNA that what made the zipline unique was that the majority of ziplines found in the world are overlooking nature or the countryside, but this would be the first one overlooking the centre of the city in the Asia Pacific region.

“For our case we have five lines, so we can have five people side-by-side. So you and your friends and family could go together and it means it’s a higher investment. With more people, it makes sense. […] And because we are in the city, we can add lights, so we can operate in the evening too.”

The indoor skydiving tunnel, which is the first in South China, will be built by Aerodium, and measure 4.2 metres by 12 metres.

In addition, an art deco-themed cinema with a total of nine theatres, including IMAX, MX4D and VIP theatres, will be launched by Emperor Cinemas.

Finally, a retail space as well as an events venue will be featured in the property.

Lisboeta will be launched tentatively by 2020, subject to change, and will be located in the Cotai Strip, right across the Macau East Asian Games Dome.