Macau | MGM Cotai Theatre to hold first public show on September 3

The MGM Cotai Theatre will hold its first public performance on September 3 of this year with show preparations already underway, the MGM China CEO, Grant Bowie, confirmed today

Macau (MNA) – The CEO of MGM China,Grant Bowie said told Macau News Agency (MNA) this Friday that the MGM Cotai Theatre will hold its first public performance on September 3 with show production having already started.

The Cotai property officially opened on February 13, 2018 but with its 2,000-seat theatre yet to be available for the general public. Mr. Bowie said that the high level of the theatre technology was one of the reasons for the delay in opening the theatre.

“The key issue was that when you bring together very complex technology it takes a little time to settle it and that’s really where it is. We’re now in production and the performers are on stage; the technology is settled and bedded down,” Mr. Bowie told MNA.

Mr. Bowie made the comments on the sidelines of the opening ceremony for the 47th Skål Asian Area Congress at the Macau Fisherman Wharf.

The theatre offers a 900-square metres 4k or ultra HD LED screen – the first in the world offering 28 million pixels – and can be configured for different layouts and performances, such as concerts, fashion shows, movie premieres, talk shows, product shows and DJ sets.

The venue will initially host two shows, The Experience, a representation of Macau’s history and culture, and The Journey an action immersive theatrical production that inspired by the concept of TV game shows and adventure video games.

The theatre was designed by Montreal based entertainment design firm Scéno Plus, the same company responsible for the two Cirque du Soleil permanents shows in Las Vegas, at Treasure Island Showroom and at the Bellagio Theatre.

According to a response sent to MNA by the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau (IACM) to MNA the theatre licensing process has already been completed this year under the review of government departments such as the IACM; the Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau (DSSOPT) and the Macau Firefighters Corps.