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Michael Hotung, the son of the late Winnie Ho, has taken legal action against SJM Holdings and members of the Ho family to claim dividends owed to his mother amounting to HK$2 billion

Macau (MNA) – Michael Hotung, the son of Eric Hotung and Winnie Ho Yuen-ki, has gone to Hong Kong High Court on January 8 against Sociedade de Turismo e Diversões de Macau, SA, Stanley Ho Hung-sun and Nanette Ho to claim dividends of HK$2 billion (US$255.1 million) owed to his late mother, according to Hong Kong paper Headline Daily.

The younger Hotung is demanding the amount of HK$2 billion be paid to him for a stake of 7.3 per cent that Winnie Ho had held in STDM in 2008.

The case was pursued in conjunction with two companies, namely Moon Valley Foundation Limited and Mutual Stand.

The case will once again start another issue within the Ho family, which has faced a legal battle between the late Winnie Ho for her share in STDM.

Winnie Ho had passed away aged 95 in June last year.

Winnie Ho had been ousted from the board of STDM in 2005 and had sued the company for HK$3 billion in the following year, which she claimed were dividends owed to her.

The total number of lawsuits against brother Stanley amounted to more than 30, with Winnie Ho unable to claim the amount according to the courts.

Winnie had claimed to have received threats and had refused to enter Macau.

His late mother had been a secret lover of his father Eric Hotung, from which Michael is estranged.

Michael had sued his father in 2016 over HK$2 million reportedly granted to his mother as a gift in the 1960’s.

Eric had also been made to pay his son US$1.2 million in 2012 as a result of a libel suit for comments made against his son in Hong Kong media, including Oriental Daily, Sudden Weekly, East magazine and various Chinese-language outlets.

(Image credit: Wikimedia Commons, Johnson Lau)

[corrections show that the case is between STDM and Michael Hotung, not SJM Holdings]