Macau | No available land to solve parking space shortage in Macau Peninsula - Secretary for Transport

The Secretary for Transport and Public Works said today that lack of available land to build new parking lots did not allow his Office to improve the the parking situation in certain areas of North Macau, with most efforts made into reducing the number of vehicles in the city

Macau (MNA) – The Secretary for Transport and Public Works Raimundo Arrais do Rosário said today he could not find available land to build parking lots in certain areas of North Macau.

“There are areas with a lack of parking spots but we can’t improve the issue for sure, from Avenida Almeida Ribeiro until the Red Market the situation is chaotic but I can’t find one land plot to build a parking lot, they are all occupied,” the Secretary said today at the 2019 Policy Address Q&A for Transport and Public Works.

According to the Secretary the public housing projects, which include parking lots, in Fai Chi Kei, Ilha Verde, Toi San could help ease the parking situation.

Rosario considered that several smaller measures had been taken by his office to reduce the number of vehicles in Macau, with the Secretary stating that the number of vehicles is currently the same as four years ago, without an increase.

As of October, 2018 there were 238,185 licensed vehicles in Macau – 114,732 light vehicles and 123,453 motorbikes – with the Secretary saying that car parking spots in public parking lots and public lanes, about 130,000, exceeded the number of cars but that there was a lack of motorbike parking spots.

The Secretary even stated that his Office had been reducing its park fleet and reserved parking spots to help with the situation, with Rosario saying that when he took office he had 260 cars and now only 180, with reserved parking going down from 34 to 17 spots.

Later the Transport Bureau (DSAT) Director, Lam Hin San, later added that the number of government vehicles had been reduced by four per cent since last year.

Legislator Leong Sun Iok inquired if the two public land plots in front of MGM Macau could be re-organised for parking of other types of vehicles, with the area currently used to park public buses, or if the government could consider introducing new types of parking lots, such as stacked parking lots.

The Secretary responded that he agreed with the staking parking lot proposal but that the number of employees he currently had, about 3,385, did not allow him to make such projects.

“I used to have 3,400 employees. I have a budget for 3,600 workers but I haven’t been able to hire anyone,” he added.

Concerning improvements to the city traffic, Rosario stated that his Office “many measures” in terms of signals and traffic lights, with the DSAT Director adding that ‘smart traffic lights’ had been introduced in Avenida da Praia Grande.

Legislator Sulu Sou Ka Hou asked what was being done to control trucks vans with high carbon and pollutants emission to which the DSAT Director responded that new regulations for carbon emissions had been introduced and a new vehicle inspection center had been operating for the last two years, with equipment to test heavy vehicles.