Macau | "Normal procedure" for charging legislator Sulu Sou - Wong Sio Chak

The Secretary stressed that the accusation against the young legislator is no 'political accusation'

Macau (MNA) – It is a “normal procedure” for charging incumbent legislator Sulu Sou Ka Hou for public disobedience, said Wong Sio Chak, the Secretary for Security after the Policy Address today at the Legislative Assembly (AL).

The youngest and newly elected legislator is facing a charge of public disobedience regarding a demonstration organised by the New Macau Association in May last year over the RMB100 million that Jinan University had received from the Macao Foundation.

The trial of the young legislator is scheduled for November 28, which could lead to a suspension of his membership at the AL.

Secretary Wong said that Mr. Sou was not an elected legislator when the prosecution case was filed in March this year, refuting a statement that the accusations directed to the young lawmaker were a political move.

With public opinions expressing that the police response on the case in question is ’excessive,’ the Secretary claimed that other similar cases were all handled in a similar manner.

With also opinions suggesting the police is abusing the use of the ‘public disobedience’ charge, Secretary Wong argued that the Prosecution Office as well as the Court have both accepted the case, which means that the accusation is proceeding according to the law.

Plenary session decides suspension of So’s position – AL Chairman

Drawing on AL regulations, the Chairman Ho Iat Seng said the decision as to whether or not Mr. Sou’s position at AL would be suspended will depend on the decision made by the majority of incumbent legislators.

His attending trial would also be decided by all the legislators, said the chairman.

Mr. Ho explained that if the majority of legislators turn down on the choice to suspend Legislator Sou’s position, the trial would then be rescheduled and continued only when he is out of his position.

The chairman also stated that he had sent a letter requesting the Court to postpone the trial, given the packed agenda of AL in the coming weeks.