Macau Opinion | Mangkhut fear

The city is in turmoil with the possibility of a Super Typhoon hitting Macau over the weekend. The supermarket shelves are empty.

Drinkable water is a precious item during these days. Despite the efforts, one conclusion can be reached: Macau citizens do not trust in those who were incapable of protecting them last year. There are reports of people leaving Macau as if a war was coming.

Fortunately, it seems that some lessons of last year have been noted and the Macau Government is now taking measures to minimise what could be the strongest typhoon ever to hit the city.

Hopefully, people will stay home safe and no deaths or casualties occur. But, what is as important, hopefully the city can get back on track on Monday, without power cuts or water shortages.

The projected richest city in the world in terms of GDP per capita must show to the world that money is not only a figure in reports but something that allows the population to live better.

The fear we see in the faces of people is something that should not happen. Of course we have examples of more developed places (US and Japan) which also suffer huge casualties when Mother Nature voices her anger. But, on the other hand, we shall be better than them.

In terms of climates changes, there’s nothing more to say. We are already experiencing it and, as remarked by the Secretary General of the United Nations, we are on the edge of the end of the humanity.

There are some crazy funny hair presidents of big nations who do not believe that. May God have mercy on them.