Macau | Over 5,000 counterfeit World Cup sport goods apprehended - Customs

Since March of this year Customs has apprehended more than 5,000 units of 2018 World Cup counterfeit sport goods, with 27 people, including a female officer, being detained in just two cases

Macau (MNA) – Th Macau Customs informed this Thursday that since March there have been eight cases of apprehended fake sport equipment connected to the 2018 World Cup, with authorities having confiscated more than 5,000 counterfeit sport goods units such as backpacks, footwear, clothing and sports bags for a total value of MOP1.5 million.

” In order to fight criminals who take advantage of the World Cup season to sell counterfeit branded goods, Customs prepared a number of actions prior to the start of the championship, including strengthening information exchange with neighboring areas and random inspections at border gates,’ the department said.

The department said that in May it uncovered a case of illegal import of sportswear through an ‘ant scheme’ – in which many operators carry small quantities of merchandise at the same time time – was discovered and intercepted during the action at the Gongbei Border.

Just in this instance, some 3,879 units of undeclared counterfeit sportswear were confiscated with 21 individuals being detained and charged with selling counterfeit goods, a crime that can even lead to a prison sentence of six months.

Meanwhile in July 5 some 15 smugglers were found with 644 units of sportswear without a customs declaration at Gongbei Border, with further investigations leading to a collection point where 3,235 units of sports apparel were found and intercepted without any import declaration with 4 individuals, including 1 female officer, being detained.