Macau | Positive outlook on local economy - ACEM

ACEM perceives positive outlook for the city's economy in coming months

Macau (MNA) – In the month of October, the city registered a score of 6.0 with regard to the Economic Prosperity Index, up 0.2 compared to September’s data, the latest information released by the Association of Economic Sciences of Macao (ACEM)reveals.

ACEM perceives that the city’s economy will continue to grow in the coming months, stating that overall economic prospects are positive.

The improvement of the city’s economy in the month of October was driven by the Chinese holidays – Golden Week and Mid-Autumn Festival.

The results show that the three major indicators – ‘visitor arrivals’, ’employment rate’ and ‘consumer prices’ – posted increases vis-a-vis month-on-month comparisons.

In specific terms, the ’employment rate’ in October experienced 2.5 per cent decrease when compared to the same month last year, but the score increased by 1 point month-on-month.

‘Consumer prices’ grew 1.54 per cent year-on-year for the month with a score of 6, indicating a stable level found the ACEM report.