Macau | Recreational area to be developed around Seac Pai Van reservoir, works to start in Q1 2019 - Gov't

The Macau government announced that an outdoor recreational area with cycle paths, jogging rails, and playgrounds will be developed around the Seac Pai Van reservoir, with works to start in the beginning of 2019

Macau (MNA) – The Macau government announced on Friday that it will develop an outdoor recreational area with cycle paths, jogging rails, and playgrounds in the north and east side of the Seac Pai Van reservoir.

According to the Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau (DSSOPT) new roads will be built in the east side of the reservoir.

One of the roads will have a length of about 430 meters and consist of two double-direction lanes in the eastern part of the reservoir, from Estrada do Altinho de Ká Hó to the roads near the future Islands District Medical Complex, and another with about 320 meters beginning at a fork in the middle of the previous road and going to the one-way road in Estrada do Altinho de Ká Hó.

Recreational area and lanes to be developed around the reservoir

DSSOPT indicated that it will carry out the public tender for the contract concerning the roadworks and drainage works near the Seac Pai Van Reservoir contract until October 25th, and expects the project to start in the first quarter of 2019 and take approximately 540 working days to complete.

‘We hope that after completing the project, it will be possible to offer more space for sports and leisure to residents and that through the opening of new roads, residents can take a more convenient way reach Estrada do Altinho de Ká Hó and the surrounding area of the Islands District Medical Complex as well as to the new landfills in Cotai,’ the DSSOPT indicated.

The Seac Pai Van public housing complexes and the One Oasis luxury residential complexes are currently the closest residential areas to the reservoir.