Macau | "It’s a sad ending” - Glenn Irwin, winner of Motorcycle Grand Prix

(Photo by Sofia Mota)

Macau (MNA) –  British rider Glenn Irwin expressed to Macau News Agency (MNA) his dismay at the death of Honda rider Daniel Hegarty during this year’s Macau Motorcycle Grand Prix.

“All the racers were supporting each other. It’s not a celebration, the races are irrelevant. It’s a really sad sad way to have to stand on the top of a podium and open champagne. It’s a sad ending,” Glenn Irwin said on the verge of tears.

Despite the death and suspension of the race, the Tak Chun Racing Team driver was considered the winner, achieving his first win in Macau.

The race starting trio was composed by Peter Hickman and Michael Rutter remaining unchanged when the race was canceled.