Macau | Shun Tak to start operating Taipa-Coloane leisure cruises on Dec 8

Shun Tak - China Travel Ship Management Limited, the company responsible for TurboJET, was authorised by marine authorities to start operating leisure cruises between Taipa and Coloane on December 8

Macau (MNA) –  The Marine and Water Bureau (DSAMA) announced on Friday that it has authorised Shun Tak – China Travel Ship Management Limited to operate leisure cruises between Taipa and Coloane starting from December 8.

The cruises will navigate between the Taipa Ferry Terminal and the Coloane Village pier, passing through the Inner Harbour channel and the Shizimen Canal, with DSAMA indicating that at least one trip for each direction of the itinerary will take place per day.

Cruise schedules can be consulted at the DSAMA website or through the app “Carreira marítima de Macau/澳門海上航班”.

Created in 1999 by the group headed by Pansy Ho in partnership with China Travel International Investment Hong Kong Limited, Shun Tak – China Travel operates between Macau, Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta under the brand name TurboJET.

The Director of the Macau Services Division at Shun Tak China Travel Ship, Alfred Ng Sio In, is also a representative at the Committee for Tourism Development of the Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture

In September, Yuet Tung Shipping Company Limited was also authorised by the DSAMA to provide sightseeing cruise services in the city.