A group of owners of properties in Cheoc Van Hou Un have posted a public letter to voice their opposition to the recent proposal to develop the clubhouse area of the complex into a 2 or 3-star hotel.
The proposal was made during the 5th meeting of the Urban Planning Committee, while the public letter of opposition was published by residents’ lawyer Ho Kam Meng in Chinese newspaper Macao Daily yesterday.
During the committee meeting last month, it was revealed that in 2016 the owner of the 2,001 square metre complex in Rua Três dos Jardins de Cheoc Van had requested the government to change the current property use from the commercial operation of a restaurant and clubhouse, its listed use since 1992, to a 2 or 3-star hotel.
Many members of the committee urged the Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau (DSSOPT) to approve the change of clubhouse classification owing to a current lack of affordable budget hotel rooms in Macau.
The owners revealed that the developer of Cheoc Van Hou Yuen – Companhia de Investimento Imobiliario Nissan, Limitada – signed the contract of the land concession in 1991 with the then-Financial Services Secretariat , with the contract finalised in 1992 approving the development of a complex comprising commercial buildings, a yacht club, swimming pool, tennis court, restaurants and a port.
‘During the sale of the 78 residential units made by the developer, the promotion material clearly stated that residents in [Cheoc Van Hou Yuen] can enjoy all leisure and recreational facilities,’ wrote the public letter, while the owners stated that the developer had failed to provide the aforementioned facilities for the past two decades.
Several members of the Urban Planning Committee said neighbourhood residents had been unable to use the complex for more than 20 years, advocating that the complex’s functions be changed to something that better suited its location.
According to the property registration document acquired by Business Daily, the complex is currently owned by Best May Limited, with ownership registration of the property made in 2012. The land was concessioned in 2016 for a term of 10 years.

Taxes paid
The group also disclosed in the public letter that they had been paying taxes related to the complex every year to the management company, set up by the developer since 1995 for the allocation of the clubhouse complex land rental, while declaring that they have the right to the facilities of the complex.
Given the position of the owners of the area, the group said the approval of the proposal in question should consider their opinions, while also pointing out that any proposed use unrelated to a ‘mall’ or a ‘restaurant’ for the entrance area of the complex would be a violation of the right of reasonable expectation of the development of the area.
The group also stated that they plan to meet the Urban Planning Committee as well as DSSOPT.