MGM: The need to grow | 30 doubts for 2019

MGM, like the other operators, has works to undertake. With a big difference: the construction of the second tower of its Cotai property will barely be completed during the validity of its current concession.

Incidentally, in the last statement made on the subject the CEO of MGM even said that there is no schedule yet for the launch of a planned 900-room hotel tower. 

“We are saying that [the start of construction] is some time within the next three years,” Grant Bowie told GGR website. 

That is, MGM is counting on the extension of its contract for another two years to finish what it has planned. Which is not just the second tower: there are plans to put an additional 100 suites in the south tower, like the reformulation of the existing podium to increase the number of restaurants and shops. 

There are also plans to intervene in some sectors of MGM Macau. But the great challenge of MGM is not the works, but rather growing and becoming more relevant. 

First-half figures show a market share of just 7.5 per cent, which is further reduced in the VIP segment (6.7 per cent versus 8.3 per cent in the mass market). Measured against all criteria, MGM ranks last and is the only one of the six operators which has not been able to achieve two-digit results. 


Almost a year ago, in February, Cotai’s new investment was inaugurated; at that time a more definitive balance could be made